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Who We Are

CreditDNA, Inc. offers an exclusive Personal Credit and Financial Wellness Program not available through any credit "repair" or "restoration" service.

As an online Financial and Credit Wellness company, CreditDNA, Inc.'s goal is to enhance the quality of its customers' lives by maximizing their financial and credit worthiness. This includes making sure that credit reports accurately reflect financial responsibility and educating the consumer about how finance and credit impacts a vast array of today's decision makers whether they be lenders, employers, insurers or other industry. CreditDNA seeks to provide financial freedom for its customers by providing the tools to understand and manage their finances and credit.

More About CreditDNA

Why Choose CreditDNA?

It's a fact that most of America needs financial and credit assistance. An investment in managing your finances and credit is crucial today for many reasons. We understand the difference between "bad credit" people and "bad score" people. This happens because of the obvious reporting errors on an individual's credit reports, no proper training on how to manage your finances and credit, and the tools necessary to determine what effects finances and credit the most. Our exclusive technology and software allows the ability to have data and statistics available 24/7 at your finger tips to visualize, control, and manage both your finances and credit before applying for home and auto loans, insurance, and employment.

Why We're Successful

CreditDNA works directly with our members, the three major credit bureaus Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion and creditors. Based on the information we obtain, we build an online credit file in which members can access via their own secure login portal. Along with the online easy to read and understandable credit file, the members receive a budget program designed to help the member manage their finances and credit simultaneously.

We maximize a members potential in the shortest time possible by performing a detailed analysis of their credit report using our Point Deduction Technology®. Our software analyzes credit data, looks for where most errors occur, then assigns a numerical point deduction to determine statistically which credit accounts affect the credit score the most. Recommendations are furnished per account allowing positive results to help manage and maximize your score.

Our unique friendly user target score and money simulator will allow you to interact with your credit file mixing a variety of scenarios to determine the best route to achieve your credit goals. You will be taught what to do to gain points and what not to do so you will not lose any more valuable points. We provide you with up-to-date credit education material and a credit coach to assist in keeping you on the right credit path.

Mission Statement

Having a good financial and credit profile has become essential in our society, CreditDNA encompasses a huge spectrum of people and the companies who evaluate their financial stability.

Our moderately priced, renowned Financial and Credit Wellness Program uniquely analyzes a credit report and singularly calculates how many points are being deducted from our customers' overall credit scores (generated by each of the major three Credit Bureaus: TransUnion, Experian and Equifax). We are unaware of any other entity that has this capability. Special software analyzes financial data allowing consumers to strategically spread residual income to stabilize and grow their credit portfolio.

An integral piece of the program is providing members ongoing, up-to-date credit education material and professional one-on-one credit coaching to assist in keeping members on the right financial and credit path and so they do not make the mistakes of the past.

CreditDNA equips its customers with a myriad of benefits and services. We handle many of the financial affairs of credit challenged customers such as budgeting software which enables them to truly determine whether or not they can realistically afford or maintain obligations such as mortgages and car loans.

Our Mission, through the development and focus on innovating software in the credit and financial industry, is to ensure the public will build confidence once again. CreditDNA shields its customers from the complexities of financial and credit wellness. This way they are on the outside looking in and can best control their lives and be fiscally sound.


As a Valued Member, you will be provided with up-to-date educational material and a specialist to work with your credit and financial goals. By having 24/7 online access, you are only seconds away from changing your current credit and financial situation.

Building and understanding your financial profile is essential to understanding your spending and credit habits. Our interactive budget program allows a specialist to intervene simultaneously. Once we have all the necessary data, our software will analyze the data and provide you with the right plan.

We understand you can't manage something you can't see, so our Credit Wellness program is designed for you to view your reports either separately or combined. Our software analyzes the data and highlights in red where most errors occur on a report. Our experience is "Positive Credit or Lack of Positive Credit has as much or more impact on your credit score than Negative Credit." With this in mind, we educate you on how and why to focus on current credit and financial issues.

Our members have access to state-of-the-art programming. Our Target Score, Manual, and Money Simulators all provide you with different scenarios and recommendations to achieve short and long term goals. You will be provided with Point Deduction Technology on both the credit files and simulators which allows you to better understand the weight each account carries. Action steps will be posted to facilitate credit score maximization.

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A+ Rating - Accredited Business

The BBB Standards for Trust are eight principles that summarize important elements of creating and maintaining trust in business. Our BBB Code of Business Practices is built on these standards.

Better Business Bureau - Code:
  • Build Trust
  • Advertise Honestly
  • Tell The Truth
  • Be Transparent
  • Honor Promises
  • Be Responsive
  • Safeguard Privacy
  • Embody Integrity

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