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What is CreditDNA?

CreditDNA is a Technology Driven Credit & Financial Wellness Company. We offer an exclusive Wellness program not available through any credit "repair" or "restoration" service.

No. CreditDNA is not credit repair. It is a scientific analytical tool. Its recommendations are based on the understanding of credit score calculations and how different factors affect scores either positively or negatively. CreditDNA's goal is to enhance the quality of its customers' lives by maximizing their financial and credit worthiness.

CreditDNA analyzes your total credit picture based on the data reported by the bureaus. The combination of your total credit picture, as well as, each individual item are factors in determining the score impact of each individual item on a report. CreditDNA determines with 92% accuracy the point impact of each tradeline on a credit report, whether positive or negative.

CreditDNA is a tool used by consumers and loan originators to maximize a credit score resulting in more approvals and closed loans. Everyday consumers apply for credit blindly not knowing the necessary steps needed to position themselves credit score wise to get the best rates and results. Everyday loan originators run across borrowers whose middle score is too low for the best loan program they have. CreditDNA is a simple, practical way to determine what can be done to get your middle score to the desired level. You don't have to do anymore than what CreditDNA recommends.

The rules used to determine credit scores are so complex, it is virtually impossible to figure out the impact of trade lines on the total score using pencil and paper. Most people use trial and error and spend far too much time and money trying to get that middle score where they want. With CreditDNA you only have to follow its simple recommendations.

Most loan originators know what the minimum needed middle score is to get their borrower's to qualify.

The accuracy of our recommendations are based on several factors. The information on a credit report has to be current, complete and correct. A credit report is a snapshot in time of a person's credit history. If too much time elapses between the date of credit report and CreditDNA's analysis, then the report no longer gives a current picture of the credit situation and our analysis can be less accurate.

If the data on the credit report is missing information or contains errors, this too will affect our ability to make accurate recommendations. In this instance, CreditDNA uses the most probable default for missing or inaccurate data. In this situation, we will still generate recommended action steps although those may be less accurate than ones with complete and correct data.

The data on a credit report comes from companies with whom a borrower has established credit. These include mortgage companies, credit cards, retail stores and others. They are supposed to report their borrower's credit activity monthly to one or more credit repositories. Unfortunately, they do not always do so.

The information reported may be inaccurate. For example, a balance being shown on an account, even after it is paid off - or the credit limit can be too low or show accounts being paid late when they are not. Derogatory accounts that have been closed or written off may also remain on a credit report beyond the legal period of time, normally seven years.

The data on a credit report may also contain information about accounts that do not belong to you. It may contain information about others who have a similar name or you may unknowingly be a victim of identity theft.

The credit repositories also make mistakes that contribute to these problems. The same account information may be posted twice as separate accounts, or in some cases, may be missing certain accounts that should be present.

They may:
  • Show duplicate accounts
  • Continue to report negative accounts after 7 years or public records after 10 years
  • Post collections and judgments as open when satisfied
  • Show bankruptcy accounts with balances

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