How It Works

Complete Credit File

The Credit Report Section separates the Positive Accounts from the Negative Accounts. You are also provided with Factor Codes. These codes represent how your score is determined and solutions to get a better rating. The other information allows you to see the changes from month to month on your report and records your audit on each trade line. Be sure to check the inquires to make sure there aren't any unauthorized credit pulls.

Each credit account contains valuable information. We provide you with recommendations, an explanation on the account, alerts letting you know the best day to pay your revolving account and the best day to charge again to increase your score. You are also provided with current balance ratio. You are also provided with a balance and payment history.


The Target Score Simulator page reflects your current credit score and allows you to type in a desired score required for a financed product you have in mind. With a click of a button, you will be provided with an action plan to achieve the score in the shortest time span. You will also be provided the best day to have your credit pulled once you complete the steps.

The Money Simulator determines the best use of funds. Through the financial section and budgeting the goal is to teach you to gain residual income so it may be applied to your current revolving credit balances. This Simulator allows you to type in an amount, click a button and recommendations will be provided on who and how much to pay in order to gain the most amount of points.

The Manual Simulator offers a variety of options. You can change each individual account reported or multiple accounts at the same time. You can adjust proper credit limits and balances. You will know score changes if you go late on a positive account or what will happen if you pay on an old or new negative account. This Simulator allows you to try several different scenarios to build a plan to work in your best interest.

Financial Tools

The Financial Section is the most important feature to help manage your credit data and scores. We recommend you go immediately to this section and begin using the budget program provided. The Financial Analysis provides you with information derived from your credit data. Once you fill in the remaining required data, you will be able to see exactly where your money is going and we will be able to supply you with recommendations to lower your debt to income ratios. This is very important if you get in the market to apply for new credit.

We will provide you with financial and budgeting tips to help guide you. A budgeting program to list all your income and payouts. The financial calendar allows you to see the dates your bills are due. The financial calculators will help you with Credit Card payoffs, Debt Accelerator, Debt Amount, Home Budget, Mortgage Loan, and Auto Payoff.

If you are short the required amount of open positive revolving credit accounts we have provided you with a link to recommended cards.

Support Section

Members are provided a Support Section to help answer important questions about credit, credit scoring, finance and budgeting. The Organizing your financial life teaches you how to both understand debt and how to get out from it.

Protecting your credit is crucial. Find out in this section on the best credit usage with a healthy budget will keep you on the right credit score track.

Members are provided with ways to protect their personal and credit information. A step by step guide to Identity theft protection allows you to immediately stop on going fraud and begin the recovery process.